Lightweight Languages 2004 (LL4)

Dec. 4, 2004
MIT, Cambridge MA

Call for Presentations

LL4 will be an intense, exciting, one-day forum bringing together the best programming language implementors and researchers, from both academia and industry, to exchange ideas and information, to challenge one another, and to learn from one another.

The workshop series focuses on programming languages, tools, and processes that are usable and useful. Lightweight languages have been an effective vehicle for introducing new features to mainstream programmers.

We encourage presentations on topics of interest to the community of lightweight language users and designers. We prefer topics that will interest a broad audience. We do not require the presentation of novel research ideas.

Proposal Abstracts

Due Nov. 12, 2004

We solicit abstracts of talks to be given at the workshop. Go for it -- convince us. Talks will be 30 minutes long, including time for questions and answers. Presenters are not expected to submit papers, but slides will be published on the workshop web site. We will also consider proposals for talks of different lengths.

Some suggested topics are:

Send submissions to:

We want presentations that will inspire, motivate, and educate. We want language implementors and researchers to leave the workshop fired up with ideas for future languages, features, and implementation tricks. We want language users to leave the workshop fired up with new ideas and new tools.

In addition to submitted presentations, there will be an invited talk. After the workshop, there will be an evening social event and dinner.


Friday, Nov. 12 -- submissions due by end of day.
Friday, Nov. 19 -- notification of acceptance or rejection
Saturday, Dec. 4 -- 9am-7pm, LL4!

Program Committee

Ken Anderson, BBN (co-chair)
David Ascher, ActiveState
Jonathan Edwards,  MIT
Jeremy Hylton, Google (co-chair)
Geoffrey Knauth, SFA Inc.
Shriram Krishnamurthi, Brown University
Greg Sullivan, Alphatech

ll4-organize at lists dot csail dot mit dot edu